3 Tips to Prepare Your Website for Coronavirus

3 Tips to Prepare Your Website for Coronavirus - My web Crafters services

Coronavirus has rapidly reshaped how the world does business. Customers and clients are receiving regular updates from companies about what they are doing to help confront this pandemic. Your website needs to be ready to change with these unprecedented conditions.

Here are three tips to help you update your website during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Schedules and Contact Information

Businesses are shifting hours and operations to help combat Coronavirus. Your customers need to know how these changes have affected your business. Updating your website is the best way to get this information to your customers and clients.

This information should be prominently displayed on your website. Think about the layout from your customer’s perspective. They need this information quickly and urgently which reflects the seriousness of the situation. Your website should have your updated hours and contact information displayed so that visitors to your site can easily find it.

Specify a schedule for Google My Business if your company is registered with it. Customers use Google Maps to help find businesses near them. Right now, many listings on Google Maps are inaccurate. Making sure your information reflects your current status will help customers locate you and distinguish your company from those that have yet to update their info.

Be sure to update all of your social media accounts to reflect these changes.

Adapt Your Business Strategy

Since the start of Social Distancing and the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies have radically shifted production.

Your company can attract more business by directing customers to your current offerings. Think about which of your services is still operating or which products have seen their demand skyrocket. You should make accessing those parts of your site more efficient for visitors.

One way to achieve this is by moving products and services to the top of the page or by making their visual design stand out.

Companies with online stores are creating pages with current products and special discounts during quarantine. If your company creates a dedicated page for your products during the pandemic, you need to promote it on your main page, your social media, and in emails to your customers. This will make sure to draw visits to your new page.

Get Ready for Changing SEO

While the Coronavirus outbreak continues, businesses are in a state of turmoil. Many companies have either closed down or dramatically shifted their operations. As businesses close, their websites also shut down which opens up new room for competitors. Now is the best time to update your SEO and get ahead in these uncertain times.

If your business has less than 10 competitors, you should definitely start SEO today. The results will speak for themselves. If you have more than 10 competitors, now is the time to start making changes. You need to contact SEO professionals to make the most out of these changes.

Even if your competition has been destabilized, you still need SEO services to achieve superior results.

As Coronavirus begins to calm down, the SEO landscape will have changed. Your company can seize the moment and better position yourself to get in front of the customer today.